Limestone - a durable and genuin material

The nordic limestone exists in a beautiful and varied color palette. From warm beige to dark grey and black. It can be used on floors and walls, as a window bench and is well suited for bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. It wears beautifully and is comfortable to walk on.


Limestone is a rock type that mainly consists of the substance calcite as well as shell remains from corals and shells. In Sweden and around the Baltic Sea, limestone was formed over 500 million years ago. In Sweden, limestone has been used as building material for over 1500 years. The stone was used for entire buildings, both on the inside and for the outside. For the past 200 years, it has been replaced by materials such as bricks and cement products. Today, the production of limestone as a building material is relatively small and small-scale. Most of the limestone deposits are used for the production of cement, where the substance calcite is extracted.

Alevik honed

An almost white, light grey limestone with hints of green and sometimes yellow. With an even marbling and pattern, this is a porous stone that hardens with time. This stone belongs to the family of limestones which are also called dolomite marble.

Suitable as:

Floors and walls in hallways and bathrooms. Works outdoors, for an example on a patio.
from 990 kr / kvm

Öland limestone

The Öland limestone has been an important part of the supply on Öland for more than 1500 years, where stonework used to be combined with animal husbandry and fishing. Öland limestone adorns many historic buildings around Sweden and Europe. The limestone was quarried in several places on Öland, but the quarries that are still active are Gillberga and Horns cape. The Öland limestone is a Swedish classic. From the elegant and exclusive Öland Red and Gårdsblandning to the fossil-rich and beautiful gray Hors limestone.

Öland grey-brown honed

Another Swedish classic in our range! A fantastically beautiful limestone from Öland with a unique character. A grey-brown limestone with soft and warm tones. Sanded and smooth surface. Quarried, sawn and honed on Öland.

Suitable as:

Floors and walls in hallways, kitchens and bathrooms.
from 1.490 kr / kvm

The Gotland limestone

400 million years ago, Sweden was close to the equator and Gotland was then a tropical island with a coral reef environment. The island was in a warm ocean with many animal species, species that are now found as fossils in our floor and wall tiles! There are several types of limestone on Gotland: Hoburgsmarmor, Södervange, Norrvange, Kappelshamn and Snäckers. The Gotland limestone is popular for its warm and bright colors, and its clear fossils.

Norrvange matt honed

A beautiful limestone from northern Gotland, with a truly individual character. A mild, sandy-grey limestone with warm hues. Matt honed with a smooth surface. This is a stone that really does match everything and which is ideal for use both indoors and out. Many others have tried to copy Norrvange’s color and feel, but this is the real deal. Quarried, cut and polished by Slite Stenhuggeri Ltd, who have been working with stone since 1907. 

Suitable as:

Floors and walls in hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. Works outdoors, for example in gardens and on a patio.
from 1.790 kr / kvm

Honed or brushed treatment?

Our stones are offered with, among other things, honed and brushed treatment. Honed simply means that the stone is honed with a certain grain size on the grinding tools. It gets a matte and nice surface that is easy to maintain. Brushed limestone means that the sawn boards are brushed with a steel brush. It is a traditional method where you get a natural texture in the stone, but at the same time a smooth and very durable surface when you get rid of loose elements in the stone.
Which surface treatment you choose affects the feeling in the room. A honed stone creates a calm and sober feeling. Whilst a brushed stone might be interpreted as more rustic, thanks to its structured surface.

Öland Gillberga grey honed

A beautiful dark grey limestone with discrete marbling. The beautiful grey color has tones of dark blue and it is rich of fossils. It has a honed and smooth surface. Quarried, sawn and honed on Öland.

Suitable as:

Floors and walls i hallways, kitchens and bathrooms.
from 1.990 kr / kvm

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    from 1.990 kr
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    from 2.090 kr
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    1.690 kr
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    from 1.690 kr
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    from 1.990 kr
  • Grey Borghamn limestone honed
    from 1.790 kr
  • Grey-brown Borghamn limestone honed
    1.790 kr

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