Care advice for limestone and marble

Before and during installation

Make sure that the leveling concrete has dried properly before laying. Dry surface reduces the risk of damage in the stone.

Use only the Ardex X32 adhesive. It is specially developed for natural stone and binds moisture faster, which prevents discoloration and damage in the stone. Grout and silicone must also be adapted to natural stone.

In the bathroom, it is important to build a good fall, so that water with shampoo and soap residues can run off. This prevents damage on the stone.

If you have underfloor heating, wait to turn on the underfloor heating for 4 weeks after laying. This is so that the adhesive or sealant is not adversely affected.

Never tape directly to the slabs. Chemicals in the tape can create marks on the stone that are difficult to remove.

Always choose a strainer that is acid-resistant. The fact that it is acid-resistant simply means that the strainer does not release acid that might damage the natural stone.


Stone sealant is an effective method to use to protect the natural stone from stains. Some stone sealants can change the appearance of the stone. It usually gets a little darker. We therefore recommend Fila MP90 Eco Xtreme, a sealant adapted to natural stone which means that the stone is protected and at the same time retains its original appearance.

Once the floor has been laid and grouted, clean the surface thoroughly with Fila PS87 deep cleaner. Let the stone dry and then seal with Fila MP90 Eco Xtreme. In particularly exposed areas, such as the shower area, we recommend sealing our limestones once a year. Note that the tiles must be completely dry when the sealant is applied. Wait to use the surface, for about a day after sealing. Additional product instructions can be found here.

Tip! Carry out a water test after sealing. Pour some water on the stone to see if the surface is saturated. If the water is absorbed, the surface needs to be further sealed.


When cleaning the stone, we recommend Fila Cleaner Pro, a concentrated all-purpose cleaner that gently but effectively cleans all floor and wall tiles. Good for both your stone and the environment. Really soiled surfaces can be cleaned with the rough cleaning Fila PS87. 

Oil, makeup and similar stains

Grease and oil should be washed away as soon as possible to prevent it from penetrating the stone. If a stain occurs, clean with Fila PS87.

Rubber, glue, wax and markers

Remove as much as possible mechanically, by carefully scraping with a knife or similar. Then wash off the stain with solvent (thinner, white spirit or turpentine). Finally, clean the stone with Fila Cleaner. 

Scratches and damage from acids

A scratch on the floor does not need to be fixed. It wears out over time and adds a beautiful patina to the stone. Acids from soap and shampoo residues or from food and drink can cause burns to the stone. If damage occurs, you can carefully sand the damage by hand with a fine diamond sanding block, steel wool or nylon cloth.