How long is the delivery time?

We keep varied formats of all our stones in stock at our warehouse in Kalmar. The delivery time for these stocked products is usually three to five days. For products we do not keep in stock the delivery time is eight to twelve weeks.

What are falling lengths?

Falling lengths means that the width is fixed and the lengths vary. It is a classic way of tiling that minimizes wasting material. Normally the length is between 40 and 80 cm. So for example, 20 cm falling lengths indicates that the stones are all 20 cm wide and between 40 and 80 cm long.

Are there any major color differences on different tiles?

Natural stone, like all natural materials, varies more or less in color and marbling between different tiles. Compared to other limestones, Alevik and Lindanäs are relatively evenly colored. 

Is limestone suitable for bathrooms?

Yes, they are! However, please keep in mind that natural limestone is sensitive to acids. This means that it is important to always rinse off soap and shampoo residue from the surface. Also it is important that the bathroom is built so that the water runs off easily. Here you can read an article about fall and floor drain in the shower!

Does limestone work with underfloor heating?

Yes! The stones heat up and keep warm even longer than ordinary floor tiles.

Things to keep in mind before tiling with limestone

Always use adhesive for natural stone. Other adhesives can cause precipitation and discoloration on the stone. We offer adhesive suited for natural stone!

Is there any pretreatment necessary?

We recommend impregnating the stone with Fila MP90 Eco Xtreme, an efficient and environmentally friendly impregnation for both marble and limestone. 

What maintenance is required?

When cleaning the stone completely, we recommend Fila Cleaner, a concentrated all-purpose cleaner for natural stone. Gentle on your stone and the environment!

For deep cleaning and stain removal, we recommend Fila PS87. It removes wax, grease and oil.

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