Technical information

Consumption calculation

A package of 5 kg is enough for the following formats:

10x10 cm ca 15 sq m

15x15 cm ca 25 sq m

30x30 cm ca 40 sq m

20 and 30 cm falling lengths and 30x60 cm ca 50 sq m

60x60 cm ca 80 sq m

The calculation is based on 3 mm joint width and 5 mm joint depth.


Stone gray

Lindanäs honed, Lindanäs brushed, Alevik honed, Norrvange matt honed, Norrvange brushed, Södervange matt honed, Borghamn limestone grey-brown honed, Borghamn limestone grey honed, Kolmården marble honed, Öland limestone Gillberga gray, Öland limestone Hors honed, Red Öland limestone honed, Red Öland diamond milled, Öland limestone Chateau Selection, Öland grey-brown honed.


Öland limestone Hors brushed, Jämtland limestone grey honed, Jämtland limestone black honed.

Silver gray

Kolmården marble diamond milled.

Delivery and freight

Delivery within 3-5 days.