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Swedish marble is a classic and durable natural stone that can be used on floors and walls. They can be placed in, for example, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and as a window bench. Both for indoors and outdoors.

Kolmården marble, a beautiful Swedish green marble

The Swedish Kolmården marble is known for its forest green color and incredibly durable surface. It is a classic that can be found in many Swedish castles, theaters and museums. In addition, it covers many stairwells and floors in functional houses that were built during the last century. It is one of the world's most hardest types of marble and therefore fits perfectly on surfaces such as halls and kitchens. Blocks of Kolmårdsmarmor are mined in the Oxåker quarry in Östergötland and then taken to Borghamns Stenförädling where they are sawn and ground. The production takes place with green electricity and no additives or chemicals are used during the process. A pure natural product that is as obvious in classic homes as in modern architecture.

Kolmården marble honed

A classic green marble with a fantastic vein, pattern and color. The surface is smooth and has a polished feel. It works very well with classic materials like brass and hardwood. Also available as diamond milled.

Suitable as:

Floors and walls in hallways and bathrooms. Also as window sills.
from 1.990 kr / kvm

Marble in bathrooms and kitchens

Kolmården marble is a stone that can have many different expressions. It creates a luxurious feeling, at the same time as it has a direct connection to our Swedish nature. It can also feel sober and simple in its expression. How the stone is experienced is governed by its format, details and what materials you combine it with. The stone is a lively marble variety that can grab the attention of a room. If appreciating of the lively feeling, small formats in, for example square 20x20 cm tiles are perfect. If you want a calmer impression of the floor, you can advantageously choose a larger format of the tiles, for example 30 cm falling lengths. A bathroom where you combine diamond-milled Kolmårdsmarmor on the floor with a plastered wall surface becomes elegant, natural and sober at the same time. If you instead choose Kolmårdsmarmor polished and combine it with a rich color or hardwood and brass details, you experience a classic Swedish luxury.

A stone with a long international history

Did you know that Kolmårdsmarmor has been used since the Middle Ages? During the second half of the 17th century, Dottningholm's castle was decorated with the stone. Hedvig Eleonora wanted to dress the castle in the most beautiful stone that could be found. It was only then that Kolmården marble became widely known. At the beginning of the 18th century, Kolmården marble was exported to France, Russia, England and Germany. Among other things, the stone came to adorn the Paris Opera, Opéra Garnier.
Later in the 20th century, the production of Kolmårdsmarmor was industrialized. Together with more efficient marketing, production and also exports were increased. The coal marble was used in the Rockefeller Center in New York and in UN buildings in Geneva.

Kolmården Marble Diamond milled

A classic green marble with great vein, pattern and color. The diamond milling gives the stone a fine grained, smooth surface. This stone works very well with classic materials like brass and hardwood. Also available as honed.

Suitable as:

Floors and walls in hallways and bathrooms. Also as window sills.
from 2.190 kr / kvm

Area of use for marble

Our marble works as floor and wall. It suits in for example bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and as windowsill.

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