Mixa och matcha stenar

by Etta Blanck


Mixing different stone types creates a playful expression

We like all our stones and sometimes it is difficult to choose just one. Then a mix of several different stones can be an alternative. Mixing different stones creates a lively and playful expression that is both innovative and classic.

One of the most traditional combinations of stone is of course the white and black checkerboard pattern. For such a pattern, we recommend our light Ekeberg marble combined with our black Jämtland limestone. After that, it is really only the imagination that puts a stop. We think the more stone types, the more fun the mix.

Bathroom designed by Hám Interiors. Light Ekeberg marble honed, black Jämtland limestone.

If you are looking for something similar to the design below, our black Jämtland limestone goes great together with red Öland limestone in a diamond milled or honed surface.

Checkerboard patterns can of course also be created with stones other than light Ekeberg marble and black Jämtland limestone. A combination of grey-brown Borghamn limestone honed and Rosenthal Sandbeige works very well.

Bathroom designed by Ausland Interiors. Grey-brown Borghamn limestone honed, Rosenthal Sandbeige.

Or why not our blue Fauske marble honed in combination with our light Ekeberg marble honed? To create your own mix of stones, we recommend to buy stone samples and try it out.

Bathroom designed by Hám Interiors. Blue Fauske marble honed, light Ekeberg marble honed.