The Nordic limestone is available in a beautiful and varied color palette, from the warm beige shade of the Gotland limestone to the black shade of the Jämtland limestone. Limestone can be used on both floors and walls in bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. It is beautifully patinated and comfortable to walk on.

  • Lindanäs honed
    from 810 kr
  • Lindanäs brushed
    from 1.020 kr
  • Alevik honed
    from 990 kr
  • Norrvange matt honed
    from 1.390 kr
  • Black Jämtland limestone honed
    from 1.790 kr
  • Grey Jämtland limestone honed
    from 1.790 kr
  • Rosenthal honed
    from 790 kr
  • Öland Hors brushed
    from 2.090 kr
  • Öland Hors honed
    from 1.990 kr
  • Red Öland limestone milled
    from 1.690 kr
  • Red Öland limestone honed
    from 1.690 kr
  • Öland gray-brown honed
    from 1.490 kr
  • Öland Chateau Selection
    from 2.890 kr
  • Öland Gillberga gray honed
    from 1.990 kr