Swedish handmade tiles

by Shirin Elsworth Magnusson


Östersjösten is launching a tile collection to revive the genuine feeling of traditional craftsmanship. Designed by our interior architect Rebecka Haymoz, this new range presents a unique handcrafted character and a personal touch that breathes life into every room it touches. With a focus on integrating Swedish materials into various home environments, this collection has become a tribute to Swedish nature.

"When I designed Östersjösten's first tile collection, my goal was to create something that was not only unique because of its handcrafted character but also something personal," Rebecka Haymoz explains. "I wanted to highlight the genuine and solid feeling of the tile, rooted in traditional craftsmanship techniques while also exuding modernity."

The harmonious balance between tradition and modernity permeates every tile in this collection. Handcrafted in southern Närke, in the heart of Sweden, each tile begins its life as natural clay from Denmark. It is carefully processed and cut into Östersjösten's specific formats. Afterwards, each tile is hand-dipped in glaze. The result is a unique handcrafted tile with subtle irregularities in both color and form, providing a beautiful and impactful variation when coming together.

"Inspired by Swedish natural stone, I have created a color palette where each shade and proportion is intentionally designed to complement our selection of Swedish natural stone," Haymoz says. "This also adds a playful touch to every room where our tiles are used."

By using locally sourced materials and traditional manufacturing methods, the collection strives to reduce its environmental impact and promote a more sustainable interior style. When combining this handcrafted tile with a natural stone floor in a bathroom, you not only achieve visually impressive aesthetics but also environment-friendly design.