In the studio with Katrin Bååth

by Etta Blanck


Who is Katrin Bååth?

I am the creator who never gets enough of new projects and ideas. I have been freelancing for almost eight years as an art director, creative director, stylist and event creator and have been running my studio at Tändsticksområdet in Jönköping.

Can you tell us a little about the studio?

The studio is a creative place, a showroom, a vintage and interior design shop, a gallery, a place for events, workshops, lectures and a place to meet. It’s my place on earth. Where I want to bring together ideas, creativity and people in a blissful mix.

How do you think about materials and design? How did you choose to have our Lindanäs limestone as a floor in the studio?

When it comes to material and design I always strive for a whole. And a bit of my mantra is to always do things down to the smallest detail. So choosing the right floor was extremely important to me and it took me almost three months before I found the right one. I love natural materials and fell head over heels when I found Östersjösten and Deniz told me about Lindanäs honed. It was absolutely perfect for my studio. I have chosen Lindanäs honed in falling lengths, which does extremely well in my environment. The color and shade also gives me great freedom to change other interiors and style, which is important to me in my environment.

I am still just as happy with my choice, both because it’s beautiful of course, but it also works perfectly in a public environment and is very easy to clean.

Lindanäs honed, 30 cm falling lengths €90.